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Bulawayo Activist, Mzaca On Being Trailed By Suspicious Car In SA

I never believed that ZANU PF has dirty people in South Africa until yesterday [Friday] evening. I stay in separate places with Noxolo [Maphosa], my niece and her child.

I had to go to a place where they were hiding to give them food. When I approached the main entrance of the place, there were two men who looked suspicious.

[Noxolo] told me that they heard funny knocks at their apartment. As I was talking to them, two cars parked in the nearby with around 11 gentlemen who were talking like Nigerians, and they were making noise while smoking weed.

l phoned security of the place and asked them about the guys. I then phoned a friend, the guy with a Volkswagen who came and picked us.

We realized that an Isuzu and Fortuner car was following us. We went into a high-speed chase with them and they were flashing us. We made sharp U-turns and they continued to follow us until we made a sharp turn in front of red robots.

An oncoming car sped off until we sought protection from a local police station. We hope from our report the cars will be picked by cameras around the place we were being followed.

Now I understand the Junta.

Basically, I am a very stubborn person and I’m not easily moved by things but yesterday, I was convinced how Jonathan Moyo had lost a daughter and two nephews in South Africa.

The Zimbabwean security agents and their hired thugs take advantage of the high crime rate in South Africa to kill people.

I then phoned the media guys in SABC news to blow the whistle for us because the ZANU PF vampires are thirsty for our blood and not happy that I was been interviewed twice on SABC News and told the world that Mnangagwa is a killer because he started long back and he is continuing.

It’s pity because he is now making the kids suffer more because of being related to a political activist that is me.

We are now in a serious crisis because ZANU PF is not listening to our problems but they want to silence everyone instead of looking for a democratic solution.

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