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Buhera Traditional Leaders Clash Over Tsikamutandas

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Buhera Traditional Leaders Clash Over Tsikamutandas

Traditional leaders in Buhera are at loggerheads over the activities of Tsikamutandas (witch hunters) in the area.

Headman Neshava (Janson Mubaiwa) has accused village head Simon Chimhau of bringing tsikamutandas into the area and using them to extort subjects.

Neshava told Chipinge Times that he wants Chimhau fired for the alleged crimes and has written a letter to the District Development Co-ordinator (DDC) who has the powers to initiate the firing of errand traditional leaders.

The tsikamutandas accuse villagers of practising witchcraft and then order them to pay hefty sums of money, heads of cattle or goats to be exorcised.

The rituals which are performed at night at Marovanyati Dam are reportedly causing serious family rifts.

Headman Neshava accused Chimhau of bringing tsikamutandas from as far as Harare and using them to terrorise and extort villagers.

Chimhau confirmed that tsikamutandas were causing havoc in his area but refuted allegations that he was involved.

Meanwhile, Buhera DDC Freeman Mavhiza said it is a crime for tsikamutandas to go around witch-hunting and called on headman Neshava to make an immediate report to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). He said:

I however have not yet received Neshava’s letter but I must emphasise that what the tsikamutandas are doing is a crime and they must be reported to the police at once.

I’m going to phone the headman and instruct him to report these people to the police at once.

In other news,

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