BRILLIANT YOUNG ZIMBA FACES UK DEPORTATION | A brilliant young Zimbabwean orphan faces being kicked out of the UK after his visa expired. Brian White, who was adopted by a British family, only realised that his papers were not in order when he got a place to study Chemistry at Oxford.


He now risks losing his place as he found out that he did not qualify for student funding. Brian, 21, lived in a Zimbabwean orphanage until the age of six. He was fostered and later adopted by the White family, who moved to Botswana and later returned to the UK.

In 2014, his application to become a British citizen by naturalisation was rejected as when he arrived in the UK, he was granted limited leave to remain by the Home Office, rather than indefinite leave which is required.

The family appealed, but that was also rejected. He is now awaiting the decision of a current application.
Brian said :”I don’t think I’ve ever had time to sit down and think about it. I try to concentrate on other things because it is too stressful to think about what might happen if I am not allowed to stay here.
“I don’t think I am being treated unfairly. There has just been a series of unfortunate events. As a result I have fallen through the cracks of the system to end up in this situation by accident.”
He added: “A degree from Oxford University could take me anywhere. At the moment I would like to work in either research, academia or industry. If things do not work out then I will have to cross that bridge when I get to it.”
In a further complication, his adoptive father, whose marriage had broken down, had to be moved to a care home, leaving Brian potentially homeless.Immigration expert Louis MacWilliam, a solicitor with London firm Bindmans, has made a fresh application for Brian to stay in the UK.
He explained: “On reviewing his papers it seems he should have been granted indefinite leave to enter at first instance and it is not clear why this did not happen. His whole family are in the UK and Brian is clearly an exceptional student so I hope he gets a positive decision soon so he
can fulfil his potential.”
The Home Office is expected to make a final decision on Brian’s future before the end of September but Oxford University need to know if he is going to take up his place by the end of August.
A petition has been started to put pressure on the government to allow Brian to stay in the UK.