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BREAKING NEWS: President Mugabe resigns!

The Meaning of Robert Mugabe’s Shocking Refusal to Resign

BREAKING NEWS: President Mugabe resigns!

Parliament this afternoon sits to start the process of impeaching President Mugabe.Zimpapers Online gives you updates of this historic event.

The Meaning of Robert Mugabe’s Shocking Refusal to Resign

14:30 – The Speaker of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda has acknowledged to the House receipt of the motion to impeach President Mugabe and he says the motion is admissible in terms of the rules of Parliament.

14:35– The motion was moved by Senator Monica Mutsvangwa and seconded by Mabvuku/Tafara legislator James Maridadi.

14:40– Advocate Mudenda is now outlining the procedures to be followed and outlining what the Constitution provides in moving such a motion which he described as historic since independence.

14:42– The National chamber is packed beyond its capacity which has resulted in some of the legislators to sit in the public gallery.

14:47- Advocate Mudenda said after consultation with the president of the Senate they have agreed to convene the joint sitting  of both houses at the Harare International Conference Center at 16:30 hours today.

14:48 -He has appealed for tolerance, patience and maintaining dignity during the process.

14:56-The House is now adjourning and will resume at 16:30 hours at the HICC.


16:53 – Joint Parliamentary sitting resumes at the HICC where the proceedings for the impeachment of President Mugabe

16:47 – Minister of Justice, Honourable Happyton Bonyongwe kneels near the Speaker of Parliament and legislators across the house shout, “Ibva apo mutengesi! (Go away sellout!).

16:00 – Moving the motion, Senetor Mutsvangwa says President Mugabe is old and he needs to be hand held. As such, he is no longer fit for office.

17:00 – President Mugabe, according to Senetor Mutsvangwa, has not taken any meaningful steps to stem endemic corruption which has become the country’s number one enemy as evidenced in the ZESA case where his cabinet minister (Dr Samuel Undenge) approved the transfer of US$5 million without following provisions laid down in the Public Finance Management Act. She also cites the ZIMDEF case involving Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo.

17:08 – Senator Monica Mutsvangwa moves the motion to impeach Pres Mugabe and Hon James Maridadi seconds.

17:09 – Senator Mutsvangwa introduces the motion and says among other reasons for impeaching President Mugabe is serious misconduct.

17:11 – The President has abrogated his constitutional mandate to his wife who makes public utterances on issues of government like the appointing and dismissal of Government Ministers and senior civil servants.
This motion is moved in terms of Section 97 (1) which provides for the removal of The President or Vice President from office.The charges are
(a) Serious misconduct;

(b) Failure to obey, uphold or defend this Constitution;

(c) Willful violation of this Constitution; or

(d) Inability to perform the functions of the office because of physical or mental incapacity.

17:12 – Hon Maridadi rises to debate the motion and says the debate is dedicated to Lookout Masuku and Itai Dzamara

“Itai Dzamara disappeared for calling on President Mugabe to step down and Masuku died after he was incarcerated despite the fact the court had not found him guilty.

17:18– Hon Maridadi says President Mugabe presided over a non functioning health system and unemployment. As such, he has to go and go now.

17:19 – Hon Maridadi chides Zanu PF members, who include the Speaker of Parliament saying, “Imbwa hadzisvinure musi umwechete.” He says the very motion was dismissed and described as frivolous before. He says for the past 17 years, MDC T has been arguing that President Mugabe is not fit for office but as late as last week, Zanu PF was endorsing him as their 2018 candidate.

17:24 – Hon Mandipaka thanks Commander of the Defence Forces General Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga for moving in very swiftly adding that Zanu PF cleanses itself when there is a threat in the house, to which opposition Members of Parliament grumble and tell him to go away.

17:26 – Sen Chipanga moves to debate the motion and he supports it saying President Mugabe has let the nation down by failing to act on cases of corruption, citing the case where Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko caused the release of suspects from police stations.

17:28 – Hon Jessie Majome is now debating the motion and says it’s needless to say she is in supports of it.

17:35 – Hon Majome has applauded members of the august House for putting aside their political differences to guard the constitution against President Mugabe due to dereliction of duty. Among reasons for supporting the motion, Hon Majome says President Mugabe has made Zimbabwe a laughing stock because he sleeps even at high level functions, under development, unemployment and also threatening the rule of law.

17:38 -Its now Hon Priscilla Misihairabwi move in support of the motion and says President Mugabe murdered more than 20 000 people from the year 1983 throughout the period of  Gukurahundi period.

“President Robert Mugabe is the man who presided over the killings  of opposition supporters,” says Hon Misihairabwi.

17:46 – Hon Bonyongwe and Hon Chinamasa are back to the Speaker of Parliament and can be heard talking of terminating the debate.

Parliamentarians murmur to each other and erupt saying “Mugabe must go, Mugabe must go.”
Debate has briefly stopped here as and the Speaker announces that debate has been terminated. He announces that President Mugabe has resigned
The house erupts in cheers and the speaker struggles to contain the gallery.

17:53 – The Speaker of Parliament now reads the resignation letter

President Mugabe has resignation with immediate effect. Members of the public who came to the gallery chant “Kutonga Kwaro” by Jah Prayzah

17:56 – The house has been adjourned and the speaker advises that a new President will be announced tomorrow.


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