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Bread prices go up

Bread prices go up

The prices of bread have gone up exponentially a day after RBZ governor John Mangudya launched the new forex auction system which saw the rate of the Zim dollar to US dollar closing at ZW$57.

Therefore, this value should reflect on the prices of goods and services, instead, proton bread has gone up to ZW$87 which translates to more than US$1.

A Baker’s Inn loaf of bread costs ZW$65 on the informal market.

A loaf of bread before de-dollarizing costs US$0.90.

Does it mean the average realized yesterday is not a true reflection of the value of the Zim dollar? Well, on the black market, it is valued between $65 and $80.

This still leaves a loaf of bread expensive.


Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi was a popular Zimbabwean socialite and businessman.

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