Home Entertainment Boy Nino, Kyla Blac get rave reviews for Wave song

Boy Nino, Kyla Blac get rave reviews for Wave song

Boy Nino, Kyla Blac get rave reviews for Wave song

UP-AND-COMING rapper Boy Nino and songstress Kyla Blac are definitely onto something.

The two young musicians who are based in Bulawayo are hungry for success and it is showing in their works. If their recent music video of their collaboration track, Wave, is anything to go by, then the two are setting a level that fellow musicians in the city and country are yet to reach as their works are international. Listening to the song and watching the video, one can easily think it is an international product as it meets international standards.

On Wednesday, they released the video on YouTube and the close to 10 000 viewers who watched it all agreed that Kyla Blac’s soulful vocals were outstanding and well complemented by Boy Nino.

“We were never ready for this… Kyla’s vocals are so wavy. . . the content we like to see… this fire is international, shout out Nino and Kyla for raising the bar. The visuals are amazing. . .we should protect these two by all costs, these are our valuable country assets,” are some of the comments the two got after the release of the video.

The track was initially released in September last year with the video being directed by award-winning Sim Doc this year during the lockdown at locations in Harare and Bulawayo.

Boy Nino said: “The song unpacks how we’re making progress amid negative energy from naysayers who think we’re still stuck out there. At the same time, after realising your growth and dominance, the same people follow you closely and want to monitor your success.”

He said the video which is available on various digital platforms is his second following Two Player Mode.

“Releasing music videos online is my way of tapping into the virtual world while also giving my fans something to watch, enjoy and dance to during this time when we are battling the Covid-19 pandemic,” Boy Nino said.

Boy Nino and Kyla Blac, who have proved that they have what it takes to penetrate the local music scene, have consistently been releasing music during the lockdown with Kyla Blac going the extra mile as she has been a regular on virtual shows.

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