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Boss Kangara’s grave sets tongues wagging – Pictures

Boss Kangara Grave

Condolences to the Kangara family as the prominent gold buyer and businessman from Bindura, Kudzanai Kangara, succumbed to Covid-19 and he died at Chitungwiza Hospital in January.

He was buried in his rural home in Shamva and his grave still expresses the luxurious life he lived. Even in death, the casket resembled the kind of person who was departing, and few US dollars had to be buried with him so that he could have a soft landing to the world yonder.

The quality of food he ate might not have been seen but judging from his houses, vehicles, generosity and number of wives— three official ones and several unofficial ones, Boss Kangara, as he was better known by those around him, surely did not struggle or lack anything on earth maybe since the time he established himself in the gold business.

You wouldn’t mention Gold in Bindura and his name not pop up.

A mausoleum housing his grave truly shows the man lived an expensive life and his family could manage to build such a magnificent glass structure.

One social media user after seeing the exquisite he said, “This is how a mbinga is buried.