Bona Mugabe’s Husband Opens Up : ‘i used to clean toilets’


Bona Mugabe’s Husband Opens Up : ‘i used to clean toilets’

Ex-president Robert Mugabe’s son in law, Simba Chikore, reportedly opened up on his humble beginnings describing himself as a “simple young Zimbabwean man”.

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According to Simba, he struggled to finance his own education in the US by doing menial jobs. Simba Chikore, married to Mugabe’s daughter Bona in 2014.

In 1997 when Zimbabwe started facing economical challenges Simba resorted to fending for himself whilst in aviation school.

“While at university, this was the time that things changed in Zimbabwe. It was the time that war veterans started to demand money and so on and so forth, the Zimbabwe dollar was falling against the American dollar.

“I got to a point where I had nothing. So I started to work, I applied to the immigration department for permission to work off campus

‘I worked in industries’

“I worked at MacDonald’s. I started working in hotels, cleaning toilets, carrying people’s bags, being a handyman.

“I worked in industries carrying heavy things like cement, detergents,” said Chikore.

After acquiring his degree, Simba says he worked for various airline companies, including Air Zimbabwe and Qatar Airways, before eventually going back to Air Zim where he worked as its Chief Operating Officer (COO) before his resignation after his father in law Mugabe’s ouster.

Chikore’s appointment at Air Zimbabwe stirred controversy two years ago as many believed it was nepotism and he did not have the necessary qualifications for the job. Simba was also accused of being part of the Mugabes’ dynasty whose ambitions were to privatize the state.

But Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Joram Gumbo denied the rumors citing that Chikore’s credentials “actually surpassed the required qualifications”.



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