Bogus cop con US$4 000 from Chiyangwa.

The bogus police officer, Onismo Maruke, was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Barbra Mateko, and was remanded to today. Businessman Phillip Chiyangwa’s son Bruce was allegedly extorted of US$4 000 by a bogus police officer.

Bruce Chiyangwa

Prosecuting, Sabastian Mutizirwa alleged that on April 29, Chiyangwa was at a top local hotel having a meeting with his friends when he was approached by Maruke, who introduced himself as an officer stationed at National Anti-Corruption Unit.

Chiyangwa was invited outside the lounge where he was informed that he was under arrest for illegally dealing in gold, and when they searched him, they found 420 grams of gold in his pocket.

It is further alleged that Maruke demanded US$10 000 from Chiyangwa, who offered US$1 000, which was deemed too little, and after he was pressured, Chiyangwa led them to Sports Diner where he gave them US$4 000.

After Maruke and his accomplice had left, Chiyangwa made enquiries about the existence of National Anti-Corruption Unit of Zimbabwe and realised the two were bogus officers and made a police report. Maruke was trapped when he went back to collect the remaining US$6 000.


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