Home Celebs ‘Blaz Wekadora’ – Tytan’s ex-girlfriend fires shots

‘Blaz Wekadora’ – Tytan’s ex-girlfriend fires shots

'Blaz Wekadora' - Tytan’s ex-girlfriend fires shots

The streets of social media are up in flames and have no chill at all. As we continue to digest the Bev and Misred saga, we are in for another treat again.

Ba Nandi, who is enjoying his love life with Olinda as the couple reunited at the end of 2020 after a rocky year has been attacked by his ex-girlfriend, who goes by the name Njuzu, on social media.

She was asked by one of her fans if she missed Tyatn since they once dated and here is how she responded to the question.

#1Njuzu fire shots at Tytan. Tytan Ex fires shots at Ba Nandi after one of her followers asked her if she had missed him.

Source | MbareTimes