Bizarre as man hangs himself in Neighbor’s yard


Bizarre as man hangs himself in Neighbor’s yard.

Roderick Mpofu used a piece of wire to hang himself on Saturday in a neighbour’s yard. Although Mpofu chose to hang himself in the neighbour’s yard there was no relationship between him and them. A Victoria Falls man allegedly committed suicide by hanging from a tree in a neighbour’s yard after a heated dispute with his girlfriend whom he had been cohabiting with.


A neighbour, Mrs Sibusisiwe Tshuma, said some children who were playing discovered Mpofu hanging from an Umnyiyi tree in the yard. “This happened just before sunset and we are still shocked as neighbours. We were informed by some kids who said they saw him standing but swinging under the tree.

“I went to check and discovered that he was actually hanging from the Umnyiyi tree. That’s when I rushed to alert some neighbours and one of them tried to lift him up but it was too late as he was already dead,” said Mrs Tshuma.

Another neighbour told the Chronicle that Mpofu was seen sitting on a bucket under the Umnyiyi tree while writing something on the ground.

“We saw him sitting on a bucket in a neighbour’s yard while writing something on the ground but didn’t suspect he was planning anything of that sort. When we got to the scene we saw messages on the ground to his mother and grandmother,” said the neighbour.

The messages read: “Sorry mama”, “sorry gogo.”

Mpofu allegedly cut a piece of wire from the neighbour’s washing line and used it to hang himself. The girlfriend, whose details could not establish yesterday, reportedly rushed to the police to make a report. The two had been cohabiting.



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