Bitter Wife Threatens To LEAK ‘Small House’s Pictures’


Bitter Wife Threatens To LEAK ‘Small House’s Pictures’

A jilted woman from Mzilikazi suburb was nabbed for threatening to publish her husband’s alleged small house’s nu_de pictures as punishment for sleeping with him.

Bitter Wife Threatens To LEAK ‘Small House’s Pictures’

Linda Govha (29) was arrested for threatening to leak police officer Jerina Marvelous Madondo’s n_ude pictures as punishment for allegedly having an affair with her husband Admire Kaisi who is also a cop.

In November last year, Govha allegedly found flirty messages between her husband and Madondo who are both employed as police officers.

An irate Govha then sent WhatsApp messages to Madondo accusing her of dating her husband and sent a nu_de picture of an unknown female to Madondo alleging that the picture was hers and threatened to expose it to the Press.

“I am coming to Pumula Police Station, I want to show you that your v_agina is not important after it’s published in the Press you swine,” said Govha in the WhatsApp messages.

Madondo denied the affair and stated that she knew Govha’s husband Kaisi because they worked together last year.

‘‘I only know her husband because last year we worked together at Mzilikazi Police Station for three weeks in October 2018,’’ said Madondo.

“When Govha sent me abusive messages I asked her if she had sent the messages to the wrong person because I did not recognise the person in the nude picture she had sent,’’ she added.

Govha was remanded in custody awaiting sentencing.



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