Home Celebs “I NEVER LIKED GINIMBI” – Bitter Moana’s sister speaks out

“I NEVER LIKED GINIMBI” – Bitter Moana’s sister speaks out

The drama keeps getting more and more interesting as new details emerge every time this case is being looked at. The death of Ginimbi, Moana, Karim and Alichia has opened a can of worms for the victims excluding Alichia only.

These other three’s death has turned to reveal so much about themselves. With Ginimbi leading the pack followed by fitness bunny Moana and lastly Karim the Malawian who we have learnt that he was on the police’s most-wanted list after he had syphoned USD30million form the government of that country.

Watch Video Below As Moana’s sister shares her story:



Moana’s sister who goes by the name of Tatts also posted a video which was her last time of seeing her sister alive on Instagram as the two parted ways after celebrating Moana’s birthday party at Ginimbi’s night club The Dream.