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Bitter ex-girlfriend seeks revenge


Bitter ex-girlfriend seeks revenge

A HARARE woman has dragged her boyfriend’s ex-lover to court alleging that she was spreading rumours about her being involved in criminal activities at her workplace.

The matter came to light when Rita Chipo Barbara Mugocha (45) was seeking a peace order against Vimbai Dzingirai at the Harare Civil Court.

Mugocha, who works for the Harare City Council under the Department of Town Planning, claims Dzingirai visited her workplace and raised allegations that she was involved in some criminal activities.

Investigations were done by the city council, but nothing was found to show Mugocha was involved in criminal activities.

“All I need now is peace. Dzingirai verbally abused me through calls and text messages.

“If possible, I want her to be banned from coming to my workplace for purposes of breaching my peace.

“She insults me in front of clients claiming that I am a criminal.

“At one point, she searched my office in my absence without my consent.”

Responding to the allegations, Dzingirai argued that she was the one who was being abused by the applicant.

She provided evidence that the applicant sent messages insulting her over the issue of her ex-lover.

“After Mugocha was in an affair with my boyfriend, Kudzai Elton Mawando (33), who I was engaged to, she started to insult me over my man and it led to our break-up.

“l am not taking revenge but I am just a whistle-blower who is exposing corruption in the Harare City Council and she wants me out for the investigations not to continue,” said Dzingirai.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire granted the peace order and advised both parties to solve their problems amicably.

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