Bishop Mutendi Criticised Over Political Sentiments On Court Challenge

Leader of the Zimbabwe Christian Church, Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi has come under fire over his statements urging opposition political parties to accept presidential election results and work together with Zanu Pf for the good of the country.

Bishop Mutendi Criticised Over Political Sentiments On Court Challenge

Speaking at Defe Dopota, Gokwe, on the sidelines of the church’s annual conference, Bishop Mutendi said politicians should behave in a mature manner and ensure that Zimbabwe gets back to business.

Said Bishop Mutendi:

“Those that are not happy with the results of the elections, there are rules to follow, there is the Constitution to guide us, there are courts to decide but we want it quickly over so that Zimbabwe gets to rebuilding the country.”

Citizens took to various social platforms condemning Bishop Mutendi for his statements

Said Mwedzi Mwedzi: “Telling people to accept fake results is an insult to human kind. Why do you ignore the challenge made to the corncourt. You must be preaching peace and unity not to tell us to let go our vote. Whose interest will have been served by letting zanupf go away with stolen elections. If its proved by the courts that zanupf won then it’s fine let it lead and build the country.”

Emmanuel Bere- “Pliz bishop tell these people to stop trying to subvert the will of the people ….the people have spoken and Zanu pf should accept the will of the people .Infact zanu and other opposition parties like it should accept that we have spoken.”

Tserayi Mudzembwe- “No one supports, or symphasizes with zanu for the fun of it. All who do benefit. Zanu rewards praise, even to the detriment of our people. The Bishop has his own opinion, but unfortunately he’s not God, or close even to Jesus. He’s a Bishop with a voice box, same as all us…and ahhh he has that gown which we don’t have, and surely don’t respect. We bow not to this man. We owe him nothing.”

Kwanele Mthunzi-“The problem with pastors they don’t read the bible, so the Bishop is saying stealing votes is not a sin. go and read your bible from Genesis to Revelation.”

Adv Chizz-“Bishop first encourage transparency, fairness, free and fair elections then mozoti adyiwa should accept defeat… Don’t try to endorse a stolen election…”

Ernest Simon Machingambi-“Bishop marasika please don’t overstep your circle of influence. Being famous kuchechi kwenyu does not imply even for Zim.

Which set is bigger?

Wisdom is free.”

Derek Kanyongo-“The same Bishop used to worship Mugabe, he calls for unity of political parties but has never called for unification of all Christian churches. The church should lead politics bt u will find these Bisons kneeling and smiling to be ordained by these Godless politicians,It’s filthy.”

Tsickson Mazorodze-“Bishop it’s not the parties which are not accepting the fake results instead it’s us “we the people of Zimbabwe” who are pushing the parties to reject them fake results.”

Davison Moyo-“This is the problem in our country we have devils who puport to be represantatives of God.These church leaders have kept us in bondage .Thats why zanu just go es to the church leader they know they have woodwincked the whole church.So its high tym these devil worshipers desist from keeping zimboz under bondage.We have listerned to them enough under the guise that they are man of God To hell with them all.”

Fusion Kanyerere-“Zimbabwe is not a church bishop.
Why do you want to mix criminals and and those God fearing youngsters.
Just preach your word.and leave us alone.
A real man of God cannot be seen trying to join mdc and zanu,NO.”

Lines Mashakwa-“Everything is good for you bishop pple are paying tithe and offering muchidya muchiguta while the rest of Zimbabwean are suffering makurotomoka nonsense we want change.”

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