The Movement for Democratic Change Alliance says a big election rally will take place on July 28 in Harare, the final one before July 30 elections.

The MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is today leading a protest march against Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s alleged bias towards Zanu PF ahead of this month’s crunch polls.

Chamisa said the electoral management body was losing credibility daily, as it continued to bungle in the printing of ballot papers.

“Zanu-PF has never complained, not even once. Which team have you seen that plays a game without complaining, not even once to an impartial referee? It’s therefore clear that they are not players in this game and that the referee has picked a side,” he said ahead of today’s demonstration.

The MDC Alliance said it would not allow the elections to be held before reaching consensus on the printing of the ballot papers.

Chamisa said he would also demand from Zec chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba to explain how Zanu-PF managed to get hold of the database under its control.

This comes as more opposition parties and independent candidates raised the stakes, passing a vote of no-confidence in Zec.