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Beverly Sibanda’s Husband To Run For MP In New Political Party

Raunchy dancer Bev Sibanda’s husband Mufudzi Chambuka, has thrown his hat in the political ring.

The UK based Chambuka, seems to have developed political aspirations and feels he is the man for the job.

According to a poster doing rounds on social media, Mufudzi Chambuka wants to run for Harare Central.

Chambuka wrote on Facebook that he believes the MDC has failed in its job to run things, and it is time another opposition party ZPP takes over.

Wrote Chambuka

I have said this before “MDC is no longer fit for purpose ” Zimbabwe deserves the best Opposition Party to stand up for 14 million Zimbabweans suffering due to 40yrs of poor governance.ZPP brings in the opportunity to make Zimbabwe great again. Vote ZPP& give power to people!!!

Bev Sibanda and Mufudzi Chambuka shocked everyone when their wedding photos in court emerged, leaving people wondering if they had somehow missed the courting phase.

Some predicted the marriage was going to collapse like a house of cards and there were even rumors of a break up.

However the couple are still going strong and Bev said he pampers her too much, saying she has no worries at all, her days mostly consist of couch surfing and browsing the invert.

She says Chambuka takes care of her so well that she can totally quit her dancing job and be a housewife if she wishes.

“I am a blessed Bev. I could quit dancing forever because I am having a good life, but I am in love with my trade and I will resume shows when everything gets back to normal”

Now she may end up being the constituency First Lady if all goes according to plan.


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