Home Celebs Bev sibanda defends marriage…”I am not a prostitute”

Bev sibanda defends marriage…”I am not a prostitute”

Newly married Bev Sibanda back at work

Bev Sibanda defends marriage…”I am not a prostitute”

Dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda says haters are plotting to destroy her marriage by spreading falsehoods.

Newly married Bev Sibanda back at work

This follows reports that her marriage with UK-based husband Chambuka Mufudzi was on the brink of collapse after she allegedly stole from the husband.

Bev opened up to Mai TT who was live streaming on Facebook. “Isusu hatikwire BP, tokwira ndege, but it’s frustrating that when I wedded social media judged me,” the said. Prior to the Mai IT-Bev Facebook live streaming, a ghost account holder purporting to be Chambuka had posted on his wall claiming someone had stolen money from him.

The post attracted the attention of many social media users, most of whom said Bev was the culprit. She vehemently denied the allegations, saying all was well between them, adding that Chambuka was not a social media person.

“Ivo anasommedia vakunyepa, he posted his story without any name so why are people thinking it’s me. “He is in UK and I am here in Zimbabwe.

Why makamhanya kuti ndiBev? He doesn’t have a social media account, plus inini handimhanyire kubvunza murume mad yaanotambira because anozofunga kuti you are after mari yake. “I am happy with him, why didn’t he say Bev akaba mari,” she said. The dancer praised her husband for caring for her. “Munhuiyeyekutaura chokwadi anosender mari, haadi kuti nditambure, ndikwerete.

“Haana kumbondirambidza kana basa rangu, and I am holding shows with his blessings. He sends money to use for logistics so that I don’t use mari yebasa.

“Even ndikaita three days anosender mari, zvekuti ndototi ndoishandisei, ndotozochengeta ndoshandisa for some things. “We are fine, whether people say he doesn’t have money or not, isusu tiri bho. “Ingofarai nemanyepo vanhu imimi, mukuda nyaya dzekuti quarantine yenyu rite bho,” she added.

The Sexy Angels boss breathed fire that people were judging her wrongly. “People have been judging me since I joined this industry, but I am watching from the terraces.

“It came a time that they called me a prostitute, and in life, you date someone and you can have problems wotoenda pamwe panhu.

“Ndakadananana handichataure mazita, pane vamwe vanhu vamoziva kuti ndakadanana navo. “Munodanana muchisiyana, time yacho zvatovha rana, rambai muchingoti hure, mini handitongenve imba neFacebook or social media. “I wanted to see how this case will end. If I had stolen the money he should have said it. “Are you not ashamed to tarnish my image, mondidenha ndakanyarara, ndingatouye ndozunza magate asi handil ongwe neFace-book,” said Bev. She added: “I am telling the truth and my shows are packed always. I don’t have fans on Facebook, ha ndina basa nema love

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nema likes, bhawa ndozadza. “And these days it’s a 50-5o situation since I got married with men coming to my shows. “Kana munhu achizorambwa anorambwa, chakafulddza dzimba matenga, so imba yangu ndoyamuri kuda kuputsa, inini ndosenderwa mark.

“My husband knows the situation here in Zimbabwe, at the money agencies vakutondiziva nekutora mari. “My man is a loving husband, I am loved ndakadaro imimi social media hamundiputsire imba yangu, maimboti achahurirwa, three months dzese mambonzwa anything here” Bev said the only people who know that she is not a prostitute are her close fans.

“People who know that I am not a prostitute are the ones close to me and don’t think I will lose sleep over that issue.

“My fans respect me and I made my name through my own dancing talent. “I did not ask anyone to follow me ndisiyeyi, I only entertain my fans.

I take care of my child. “I am an indoor person, that’s why my skin looks nice, quarantine taijaira iyi, handibude bude, zvamunofunga kuti ndovengedzera so.

“Leave my house alone and we were laughing at you with my husband that you are lying. “Vanhu ngavatsvage mabasa after lock-down, haikona kufambisa makuhwa othema.” She said she was not a pole dancer.

“I am not a pole dancer or stripper, but I am a dancer, ndinotamba museve and I am not pregnant, handiinhanye zvekudaro, mushini haumhanye zvekudaro,” said Bev.

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