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Bev Sibanda blasts Slomo


Raunchy dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda has blasted Francis “Slomo” Dhaka following his fallout with wife, Lorna Guvheya.

Lorna was a long-serving dancer for Sexy Angels and Bev feels Slomo has lost it.

The couple’s marriage is on the rocks.

Slomo’s sister-in-law Alia has written a letter blasting the dancer.

However, Bev has blasted Slomo as a dead bit father and cruel husband.

“Franco ari rafu uya, Lorna anenge arambwa hameno kangani maybe ten times tikada kutarisa kubva amutora from my dance group

“He would send Lorna kuti enda unonyepera Bev kuti tarambana, hanti ukuona paakambodzoka paya paya.

“We would drop Lorna at her sister’s place after shows and they would stay together for one or two month’s hoping that we will be together for long.

“Then after two months wozonzwa kuti munhu asiya mainforms at her sister’s place, atodzokera kunaFranco.

“Last year she did it three times and other previous years she did it several times and we ended up saying we no longer want her because she was lying that they had divorced.”

Bev said its Slomo’s problem for all the mess.

“And Franco wacho ndiye anotodzinga Lorna, ndiye anotomukandira hembe panze womuudza kuti enda nevana vako especially last time.

“Lorna left her children to her sister and he pushed for her arrest after lying to police that she locks them inside.

“It’s his character, he is rough, vanogona kudzokerana.

“It’s not Covid-19 that has caused his problems, he has always been like that, agara anotambura Franco.

“He should return to Macheso, but he is hard headed, kunyara, vamwe vakadzokera wani, it’s not the first time this has happened.

“He had no shows, they were limited, at times If he gets shows he would not even take care of Lonah, kana mari or chikafu,” she added.

Bev said she will welcome Lorna back to her group is she proves she is now sober.

“I can take her back but tsika yake yekuzoti tamupimper onyengererwa odzokera kwaFranco ndoisiri bho.

“Franco would deny her to dance iye achimuswedza nenzara

“She would but clothes when she returns to the group, aitomuchiva futi tamupimper pimper, akumutevera kumashows omunyengerera womutora,” added Bev.

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