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Best and Safe ways to pay for your Online transactions

Online Shopping

Concerns over safety when doing transactions online using your credit will never end. No matter how amazing the offer or discounts might be people still wait and question whether they are safe.

With the latest trends in technology or rather hacking, people tend to be more skeptical when asked for their credit card information online. Questions are then asked as to how can we play our favourite Online Roulette when we can’t even be safe? Or how can we buy that beautiful amazing dress for Valentine’s Day?

A few answers come to mind and here are some of the ways we can be safe online.


It is advisable to have the latest anti-virus on all of our devices that go online so as to improve in security. A good anti-virus will warn you if you are about to visit those scary and not so safe websites. You as the user can then decide to leave the website and visit a safe one.


A lot of hackers use to track your habits and location online and then use that to hack and access your devices. A good VPN will be good as it blocks your location and hides most of your activities online. Before opening any of those sensitive websites or adding your credit card information, make sure your VPN is activated and connected.


When it comes to Online gaming and Casinos, there is a way to make safe and secure payments without worrying about safety. EasyEFT Casinos offers one of the best and most private ways to make your casino deposits and withdrawals. For South African Online Casino players that want to make fast and secure payments without having to use a debit or credit card, EasyEFT is the answer. This service is available exclusively for clients from South Africa and it provides the ability to use Rands meaning that players will never have to worry about the volatile swings of exchange rates.

Avoid Clicking Links

Most of us are hacked after clicking links from emails that are sent to us. Most Phishing attacks come to us via email and we should try by all means to avoid clicking links to sites that we don’t know. That is the only way we can avoid Phishing on our computers or smartphones.

Use of 3D Secure

Most banks in South Africa and the rest of the World have switched to 3D secure which is an online facility that guarantees the safety of the payer. Before making online payments, its best to check if your Credit Card has this facility activated.

Trusted Sites with SSL Certificates

Be sure to visit websites with valid SSL certificates and that are trusted. Never enter your payment information on websites that don’t have https:// on them. Browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox will warn you should you try to visit websites that are not trusted or with an expired SSL certificate.

Website Reviews

Above everything else, be sure to read the reviews of each and every website you visit before making any commitments to pay. This will help ensure your safety all the time.