Beer prices very low on the black market, attracts hotels


Beer prices very low on the black market, attracts hotels.

Alcohol consumers who spoke to New Zimbabwe revealed that prices by formal traders were chasing them towards the black market. Alcohol is reportedly very cheap on the parallel market of Bulawayo, a development that has seen consumers flocking there.

DeltaWhilst a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label whisky is costing US$8 or 110 Rands on the black market, the same costs between $250 and $400 in shops $500 in some shops. While a bottle of Jameson costs US$10 or 145 rands, the same costs about $500 in some shops.

Speaking to New Zimbabwe, one taxi driver, Kennedy Gomba said: These days if I want beer, I just go to the Unity village (Black market) and buy myself a cheap bottle of good whisky. I cannot afford to buy expensive beer any more in supermarkets and liquor outlets.

One alcohol dealer in Bulawayo, Thandi, revealed that she gets her supplies from South Africa every fortnight. She said: Every two days, I receive a consignment of beers and whiskies from South Africa from omalayitsha (transporters). Apart from selling to individuals, my clients also include hotels, lodges and politicians.

Reports suggest that alcohol is smuggled into the country through porous borders. This as one bottle store owner in Bulawayo opined, constitutes a soft spot for revenue leakage. The bottle store owner said that the government needs to thoroughly investigate the issue.

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