Beer Lovers Face Hard Times, Zim Left With One Week’s Beer Supply

Major crisis has struck Zimabawe’s beverage producer Delta Beverages which is reportedly left with one week’s worth of raw materials as it is said to be facing debts with it’s suppliers stopping supplies to force payments.


The beverage products are running out fast in the country’s supermarket shelves as well as in the bars with owners resorting to the black market to fill up their empty shelves.

Delta Corporation Ltd, corporate affairs executive Mrs Patricia Murambinda said the beverages manufacturer was facing critical shortage of raw materials especially for Coca-Cola and those for Chibuku.

“We advise that the supply of Coca-Cola concentrates and other imported materials remain critical for the business. We were able to pick up a small order of concentrates from the available credit last week with the supplier which we are currently running,” she said

She added that the available raw materials for Coca-Cola products can only last for one week as the pipeline for packaging the product is continuing to run dry.

“This (available raw materials) is expected to cover production for a week and is not sufficient to cover the end pipeline that has become very dry,” she said

Her organisation is said to have a backlog in paying it’s suppliers, a development which has resulted in some of them suspending supplies of raw materials

“This is impacting on our production operations. We continue to make presentations to RBZ and our banks for priority forex payments,” she said.