Bedroom acts must stay there


Bedroom acts must stay there

This week, former Studio 263 actor Jabu (real name Denzel Burutsa) stirred controversy after a video he featured in was leaked to the public.

Studio 263’S “Jabu” Apologies

While his mother came to his rescue after she told those who had been bashing him to instead rally behind and give him a Nama award as he had excelled in entertaining people, his action must be condemned as the consequences can be unbearable.

Here was a handsome actor adored by many, sleeping with a woman who is not his wife without protection. His fans after this will likely never look at him the same way they did when he was acting on Studio 263.

In this century, more and more technologically advanced mobile phones that have high-resolution cameras are being produced. So tempting are these phones and their beauty camera functions that even the least confident people are filming themselves walking, singing or just fooling around and broadcasting the clips on social media. Even more tempting is the hundreds of likes one will be anticipating to get after posting the clips.

Nancy Musiyambiri, the woman who featured in Studio 263 actor Jabu (real name Denzel Burutsa)’s video

One person who was thrilled by the phone camera is Lorraine Guyo who trended after recording a video asking for men to propose to her before Valentine’s Day. A harmless video she likely thought to herself when she was recording it. But what happened afterwards is likely not what she anticipated as she found herself fired from work after another video of a naked person purported to be her emerged. That isn’t me she started arguing, but the damage had already been done.

The camera excitement seems to have gone to the bedroom where more and more couples are now filming themselves in the act. If it’s not a couple, it’s a person sending a nude picture to their partner.

Some have been arguing that this footage is for the couple’s viewing only. Recent incidents have proved otherwise as this footage keeps making it to the public domain. And when it does, stories of revenge porn, blackmail and stolen phone start emerging.

Why record the act in the first place, people have asked. Why not just enjoy the moment and let it end there? One important factor that people seem to forget is that there is a strong possibility that they will break up with the person that they will be recording and sending all these pictures and video clips to.

And what happens when you break up, do you call the other person to ask them to delete all your naked clips? Likely not, meaning that there is ammunition that can be used to destroy you which is usually the case with most of the leaked video.

Women have been found wanting in most instances as men often ask them to send “sexy” pictures of themselves. They usually adhere and these pictures are then used by the men each time they want to take advantage of those women. The men threaten the women that they will leak the images if they do not give them se_xual favours. Sad, but that it what is happening and this can go on even if the woman is married.

Those who have had their video leaked have really learnt the hard way. Radio and TV personality Tinopona “Tin Tin” Katsande is a good example and reminder of why bedroom “stuff” should remain there as she was fired by her employer ZiFM Stereo after her video started was circulated.

This video which was recorded when she was still dating her then-boyfriend was leaked by him after they separated. As a result, she became a victim of depression and stress as the saga tormented her mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

“Like any human going through a difficult period in their life, the whole ordeal took its toll on me mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically,” said Tin Tin who through her formation show on ZiFM Stereo, is always advising people against recording videos.

Tin Tin is not the only one as countless local videos and nude pictures of public figures, university students and general citizens have leaked online.

A video of Urban Grooves songstress Tererai Mugwadi leaked last week and it is alleged that this was an attempt by her to get back into the limelight. It, unfortunately, did not work for her.

However, it is only a few like personalities Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Pokello who made names for themselves through leaking the videos. Pokello got a slot to contest in Big Brother Africa just after her video leaked but this phenomenon does not work for many and may in some cases, destroy their careers. So, watch what you record and post.



Marry Chiwenga nee Mubaiwa is an ex-model and the wife of Vice President of Zimbabwe, Constantino Chiwenga who is a Retired Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces.


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