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Bazooker on his second UK tour


Bazooker on his second UK tour.

Bazooker is elated to be on his second UK tour after he was once called earlier this year to perform at The Heritage Festival in that same country. He has confirmed to H-Metro that it is his second UK tour and is excited and looking forward to meeting his UK fans.

BazookerPopular Zim dancehall chanter Bazooker will make his second UK performance this month in three different cities. The chanter is set to perform in Birmingham, Manchester and Halesowen from June 14 to 16.

“It is my second time to be in UK. To all my fans in the UK, I’m coming there and it will be okay and great. “I am looking forward to the show and I promise it will be fireworks,” said Bazooker.

The Toitayatinoda singer burst on the music scene with the songs such as Mababy Akawanda and Kwedu. The singer has also divided some Zim dancehall fans as some prefer him than Enzo Ishall on the ghetto streets.

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