Battle of the sexxiest: Dj Stavo’s wife vs Exq’s wife


Battle of the sexxiest: Dj Stavo’s wife vs Exq’s wife.

DJ Stavo and Exq are some of the top musicians or should l say entertainers that have got themselves beautiful wives in the country. The singer’s wives are just a marvel to watch. They maintain a very distant relationship from social events and in the public eye. They like to stay behind shadows and this has made them to remain in the dark for quite some time.

Most of us didn’t know DJ Stavo’s wife up until the wedding they had that is a contender for the wedding of the Decade. On the other side, Exq has kept his private life so private ever since his divorce from Iren Office. It’s only recently at the Star FM and Nama Awards that we saw his wife and she is beautiful hey.

Both women are fine, good looking and sexxy too. But whenever there is a competition someone has to win it right? Well, we are here to give you the pictures and you the reader will be the judges, check these stunning hot pictures of the two and tell us what you think? Who do you think is hotter than the other. PLEASE CLICK NEXT TO SEE MORE PICTURE…


DJ Stavo and Wife