A BID to burn used condoms and wipes yesterday saw Extra Mile Leisure Centre backyard love nest catching fire with some lovers leaving before finishing their business.

The fire is said to have been started by a security guard who was tiding the lodge.

Reports say an elderly man who had booked a room with a young girl believed to be in her teens was evacuated because of the ravaging fire.

“There is an elderly man who was using one of the rooms with a very, very young girl who escaped the inferno.

“The man was given alternative accommodation but it’s sad how this place has become a notorious love nest.

“Many people flock to this place with their loved ones, some of whom are very young girls they hook up with in Hopley and the neighbourhood,” said one of the onlookers who preferred anonymity.

Narrating the incident, which occurred near Mbudzi Roundabout, the distraught cleaner – Last Muringani – was at a loss for words after the inferno that reduced Makwabarara Lodges to mere shells.

“I was clearing tissue paper, wipes and used condoms left by clients who book here for ‘short time’ and overnight accommodation. “I was shocked when the fire grew fierce because of the wind, leading to this structure being destroyed. “In a flash, I was surprised to see the fire spreading all over the building until the guys here called the fire-fighters,” he said.

Muringani, who was employed at the ‘notorious’ love nest a fortnight ago, said he was still in shock. “To be honest, I’m still in shock after this incident because it was not my wish to see this place in ashes. “I only started my job here two weeks ago, it had become my second home.

“I don’t know where I will go and how I will convince my employers to forgive me.

“I was only doing my job as usual but sadly it ended this way,” he said.

Property manager Amon Simon who was assisting fellow employees to retrieve beds and furniture referred H-Metro to joint owner Toby Makwabarara.

“This is a private property so I am not allowed to speak to the press but you can give us your contacts so that we get back to you later,” he said. When contacted Makwabarara said he did not consider the fire newsworthy. “It’s not an issue to publish in the press my brother. Just ignore the story because we will find alternative accommodation for our customers.

“In fact we have already made plans for alternative accommodation,” he said.

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