A 70-YEAR-OLD Hurungwe man soiled himself at a shrine in Rugare when he was humiliated by people queuing to consult a prophet last Thursday.


Peter Chiyangwa’s humiliation came after he confessed before the crowd that he bewitched his children and relatives. He was taken to the shrine by his first born daughter Future Chiyangwa, 45, of Mufakose following the ‘back to sender’ prayers she received from Madzibaba Masango.

Future regretted using the ‘back to sender’ prayers saying she did not know that Peter was behind all the mishaps she was facing because of juju he uses.

“My life has never been rosy with my family as we always face difficulties in life and my husband never got any job that sustained the family,” said Future.

“The recent incident in town where vendors were sacked from the CBD is one of the events where I was also affected when my goods were collected by the city council officers.

“I occasionally have weird dreams and whenever I experience such dreams something bad follows and this led me to consult Madzibaba Masango and he gave me prayers.

“I regret using the prayers because they affected my father since it became clear that he was the man behind all my misfortunes and I brought him here for help.

“He felt sick that he nearly died and this forced him to confess and he soiled himself before the crowd when people called him names and laughed at him.

“Varikuseka baba vangu asi tese kuzouya pano inhamo; dzakasiyana chete. Ndakarota ndichinzi wauraya husiku wandakashandisa muteuro waMadzibaba Masango.

“It is my prayer that God heals my father and delivers me from all the family problems. Kune matambudziko anondiwira zvekuti unogona kurohwa nemotokari muroad uchifamba usingaone irinhamo yakazara mumusoro,” said Future.

Peter confirmed using juju saying he received it from a friend years back claiming that it gives more yields in farming.

“Ndakapihwa urimushonga wekuwanisa gohwo rakawanda neshamwari kumusha Hurungwe. Ndakatokonoreswa chibage ndikasanganisa nemushonga asi kubva ipapo muko wacho unoparadza upenyu,” said Peter.

“I am here to receive prayers but the juju is in Hurungwe. I do not have it with me, I am in pain the whole of my body is not sound,” said Peter.

Madzibaba Masango vowed to continue using back to sender prayers he claims has powers to kill or cause suffering to people who are into witchcraft.

“Let all those using juju to affect their relatives and children be warned because people can not suffer when others are happy with their families,” said Madzibaba Masango.

“Vangataure zvavanoda kunze uko ini handirege kudzosera zvakaipa zvirikuitwa nevanobatabata zvichivatadzisa kuita mari kana goho guru ravanovimbiswa nevanobata mishonga yakaipa,” said Madzibaba Masango.



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