Baby dumping mom arrested whilst carousing in bar

21-year-old Vanessa Thabisile dumped her five-month-old baby outside her brother’s house before disappearing for four days, only to be apprehended in a bar.

“Mukomana wekukara zviro” LANDS IN TROUBLE, GOES AFTER 3 WOMEN IN 1 DAY

It is reported that Vanessa dumped her infant daughter outside her brother, Tarven Ncube’s house in Nkulumane suburb during the night on Wednesday last week before being apprehended at Sathelene Sports Bar in Nketa suburb four days later.

She pleaded guilty to neglecting a child when she appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Ms Tancy Dube where she told the court that she dumped the child out of desperation.

“My child fell sick and I did not know what to do with her,” she said.

Ms Dube convicted her and sentenced her to 36 months in prison.

“Six months will be suspended for five years on condition that the accused person does not commit any offense including neglecting or abusing a child.” said Ms Dube.

She pleaded guilty to neglecting her child.

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