Baba Manyeruke: I’m still in the game.

He will be collaborating with his two sons, Emmanuel (Guspy Warrior) and Alexander. The yet-to-be-named single will be released in August. In an interview with The Herald Arts, Manyeruke said the new crop of gospel musicians always seeks advice from him and this has made him stay relevant.“I may be old in the industry but that doesn’t mean I am no longer relevant. I don’t compete with the youngsters, but I give them time to shine.

Baba ManyerukeLegendary gospel musician Mechanic Manyeruke — affectionately known as Baba Manyeruke — said he is still in the game, despite the emergence of many artistes in the genre. Manyeruke yesterday revealed that he is back in the studio to record a new single dedicated to Cyclone Idai victims.

“I am happy that the genre is growing hence the new crop needs our advice to stay relevant like us. Right now I am working on a single for Cyclone Idai with my two sons Guspy and Alexander and it will be out in August.”

Added Manyeruke: “Some even asked how the song will be like fusing with Zimdancehall genre but it is going to be a masterpiece and sing-along. My boys are doing great and I am happy about it. Guspy chose to take that path because of his target market.”

The Madhimoni hitmaker said despite not having many shows, he is still surviving on music.
“I no longer hold major gigs or shows and you haven’t seen me on posters of late.
“Not that I am out of touch but I am now focusing on church functions, weddings and parties among others.

“Music has been part of my life and I am living through it. I am also a farmer,” he said.
He added that a lot of gospel musicians still approach him for collaborations.

“I get a lot of calls from various musicians, asking for a collaboration. I have worked with others and some songs are still in pre-production.

“I just encourage and urge upcoming musicians that in order to stay relevant just be yourself, don’t try to imitate other cultures,” he said. Manyeruke last year released the album “Dzokororo” which had some of his old songs.

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