Baba Jukwa Produces More ‘Rigging’ Evidence

Edmund Kudzayi who is believed to be the identity behind the shadowy whistle blower Baba Jukwa has revealed what he claims is more evidence that ZEC manipulated the votes in favor of president elect Mnangangwa.

The former edited has revealed what he thinks are numerical anomalies which prove that the votes were manipulated.

Mnangagwa is legally cornered. His only option is to literally/metaphorically assault the Constitutional Court the same way Pablo Escobar laid siege to the Palace of Justice after an equally watertight case against him was lodged before that court” he tweeted

It is revealing to note that @ZESN1 is quiet. This court challenge is not a trivial thing. Emmerson Mnangagwa is about to resort to very brutal and thuggish tactics because he is truly cornered. These are legal fatalities.

Meanwhile Mnangagwa and Zanu Pf’s legal team has filed a response to MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s court challenge in which he states that ZEC manipulated the votes in favor of Mnangagwa and denied the former a clear presidential victory.


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