Home Celebs Ba Tea’s message finally reaches Soul Jah Love

Ba Tea’s message finally reaches Soul Jah Love

Ba Tea’s message finally reaches Soul Jah Love

Ba Tea, the famous time traveler who predicted Ginimbi’s death has announced that his message has finally reached Soul Jah Love.

Below is his update on Facebook.

I’ve written so many letters to this young man but i finally got a message yekuti message yangu kwaari yakasvika after so many years.


This guys has always inspired me and what he is going through has really touched my heart and to me i dont see him as a celeb but as a brother.Mwari murume uyu vanomuda zuva muhupenyu hwake rakuda kubuda ndiri kuda kumuoona achipinda muchiyedza.Critics have always came even judgements and controversy yet to be BaTea his music has played a big part of my life and his life story has became an interest in my life.

I understand him and what he is going through and with the love i have for him i want to see him changing for ever.Ive been a drug addict and i understand him better than anyone.I want to shower my love again to Soul Musaka and my all my blessings kwaari.

Handizive kuti chii but everytime i think of him i feel this supernatural power i feel this strength of showering him with love kuti asawire muedge.

Thank you Conwel for sending my message to Soul Jah Love & Thank you for the Love.Mwari ngaakuitire zvese zvaunoda Conwell and my blessings i also give to you.Thank you so much.




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