Ayanda Borotho has shared her thoughts about lobola

Ayanda Borotho has shared her thoughts about lobola

Actress Ayanda Borotho is the mother many of her followers wish they had. She is full of knowledge and wisdom, and she makes sure she passes it on so people have a better understanding of culture and tradition.

On Monday, she shared with her Instagram followers a series of videos in which she discussed the tradition of ilobolo, its origins, how it evolved into what it is and how it was commercialized.

She also talked about the relationship between men and women, saying back in the day men did not attach a price tag to a woman’s value because they understood there was no price high enough to “pay off a woman”.

“Ilobolo was a way of honoring and showing gratitude to a man that had raised you a wife. A wife who would build you a home and give you children, and expand your family. The men of that time understood a woman’s value. Women were held in high esteem and were respected.”

The Zulu culture requires that a man pays up to 11 cows for ilobolo of one wife, but Ayanda said this was not how things were. She took it back to the era of 1820 British settler Theophilus Shepstone, who had close relations with Zulu kings Cetshwayo and Mpande, and how he convinced them to change the way ilobolo was carried out.

“When Theophilus saw the way in which things were done and because he was used to trading and commercialisation of things, he said you can’t trade without having a stipulated amount, not understanding that ilobolo was symbolic and not a transaction.” The actress said monetising women had led to women being objectified.


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