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Avonlea Man Found Hanging

Avonlea Man Found Hanging

A 21-YEAR-OLD man was found hanging on a tree at a wetland in Avonlea on Tuesday.

Tawanda Brandon Dzikiti’s body was found hanging on a tree some meters away from his home by a passerby. Scores of people at Greencroft shopping centre gathered to see the lifeless body of Brandon.

“This is painful my dear, we used to club with this boy and he never shared with us his issues,” said one of the onlookers at the scene.

“Kana kuri kunzi akamitisa musikana haaifanira kusvika pakudaro tiripo wani isu shamwari dzake uye vamwe vakagarisana mudzimba umu pasina chakabviswa,” said the onlooker.

Brandon’s cousin Nyasha Chaparadza, said he last saw him around 8pm on Monday when he came home drunk. “I last spoke to him around 8pm when he came drunk holding some fluorescent bulbs,” said Chaparadza.

Avondale Man Found Hanging

“Upon asking him about the bulbs he said he wanted to sell them achiti aive nechipande chaakaramba kundiudza. “I started staying with him when he was doing his Form 4 and his problem was taking illicit drugs.

“His mother, who is based in England, used to send some money to him but she stopped over his abuse of drugs. “I did not check in his room that evening only to be informed by vendors that they had found his body hanging from a tree,” said Chaparadza.

Deputy provincial spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Webster Dzvova said the body was taken to Parirenyatwa hospital and police were investigating the matter.


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