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Avenging Spirit ‘Solves’ Chiadzwa Mystery After 12 Years

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Avenging Spirit ‘Solves’ Chiadzwa Mystery After 12 Years

The families of two men who murdered and robbed their best friend of his diamonds before staging an accident during the diamond rush in Chiadzwa some 12 years ago last week revealed the killers to the victim’s relatives.

Welldone Mutangabende of Mararira Farm in Odzi was allegedly murdered for his diamonds in 2008 by John Muchinganwa and Willard Kushanya.

The Muchinganwa and Kushanya families of Gonon’ono Village last week visited the Mutangabendes with the intention of appeasing Mutangabende’s spirit.

In an interview with Manica Post, Welldone’s brother, Shingirayi Mutangabende said after robbing and killing his brother, the alleged murderers put the body in a shallow diamond mine and then placed a huge rock on top of it.

A police report was made and the matter was treated as sudden death and everyone concluded that he had been crushed by the rock.

Mutangabende’s best friends have now confessed that they killed him as his avenging spirit is causing havoc in their families. Said Shingirayi:

Welldone’s avenging spirit is causing mental illnesses in their families. Kushanya is now mentally ill. He shouts that he killed Welldone after robbing him of his diamonds.

He claims that he kept my brother’s wallet which contained the diamond pieces. We only recovered Welldone’s wallet at Marange Police Station four years after his death.

Muchinganwa is nowhere to be found but his relatives came here to inform us that he and Kushanya killed my brother.

They are only confessing due to the avenging spirit that is wreaking havoc in their families.

The avenging spirit is said to have started manifesting on Muchinganwa’s sister, accusing the two of ruthlessly killing Mutangabende.

This prompted the Kushanya and Muchinganwa families to approach Headman Munyeri Mbare.

The matter will soon appear before Chief Marange’s court.

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