Aspiring presidential candidate heats up campaign…ropes in popular US singer

Aspiring president Noah Manyika, who leads Build Zimbabwe Alliance, has spiced up his election campaign by using his connection with popular music star in his campaign moves.

Opposition presidential aspirant pledges leaner parly, cabinet

Build Zimbabwe posted a video where Manyika was having a chat with end of March, although it’s believed the talk might have happened much earlier.

In it, the two are talking to a group of young people to inspire them.

“… global music superstar’s visit for a one-on-one chat with Manyika and to share a word of encouragement with the young people in Manyika’s programmes,” a caption on the video read.

“Manyika is the president of the Build Zimbabwe Alliance, a Zimbabwean political party driven by accountable leadership which engages with diverse communities.”

The Build Zimbabwe Alliance was registered as a political party in October 2016.


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