The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) yesterday said they were ready to strip Mugabe of the multiple farms he grabbed at the height of the land reform programme they spearheaded.


Znlwva secretary-general Victor Matemadanda, who is also a member of the influential Zanu PF politburo, said Mugabe risks everything.

“The old man is being misguided. Remember he walked away when he did not deserve to walk away a free man. While he was starring at an impeachment, he agreed to resign and avoided embarrassment; he was supposed to be sentenced to prison but the people of Zimbabwe forgave him but now we are seeing that he does not have a culture of appreciation…

“He forgets that during his 37-year rule he took the people … for granted, and now he wants to destabilise the country. The question now is; when are we going to withdraw the pension that was offered to him? He cannot continue having it both ways.

“He is the person who brought the policy – one family one farm – yet he has over 14 farms and he must lose those, and we are ready to take them as war veterans…” said Matemadanda. University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer Eldred Masunungure said now that Mugabe has proved to be angling to form his own party – he will “taste the bitter medicine” he used to give to opposition parties when he was still the boss.

“This could be interpreted as a national threat, there is also the issue of regional stability, but I doubt that he will get support from the region. What is now likely to happen is that the new administration will pounce on him because internally he is a threat.

“His projects will be targeted more than those of the opposition and he is going to taste the same bitter medicine he was giving to the MDC and other opposition parties a few years ago,” said Masunungure.

“We thought that the reconfigurations had ended with events of November 2017 but they are some elements who refuse to disappear from the political space, this group, that includes Mugabe is refusing to die, I cannot rule out the possibility of the former gamatox and G40 officials who are still in Zanu PF resigning,” said Masunungure.



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