ARREST GRACE UPON SA RETURN :MINISTER | First Lady Grace Mugabe must be taken to court if she ever returns to South Africa, according Minister of Women in the Presidency Susan Shabangu.


She said yesterday that just because the assault accused was granted diplomatic immunity, this did not preclude her from facing consequences for her alleged actions.Shabangu was responding to questions about the public statements made by officials and political leaders in the aftermath of the assault cases of former deputy higher education minister Mduduzi Manana and Mugabe, which were opened by police within a week of each other this month.

“I am satisfied and happy that the police, in these two cases, are doing their work to make sure that even if Grace Mugabe comes back tomorrow, she appears in front of the court,” said Shabangu.

She said the role of her portfolio was not just to speak out against injustices against women but to oversee the implementation of policies that guard them.

“I think, as South Africans, we need to understand we must not think that we operate within a space of talking, because that is not enough … we need to take action.

“And decisive action around Manana and Grace Mugabe. She might have found diplomatic immunity but it does not say she’s not going to have to account for her actions.”