A Mutatre couple almost divorced on April Fools Day.

Eliza Guta, 23, decided to fool her husband last Sunday by telling her that their only son Tadiwanashe Mazo was not his child.


“I woke up in the morning without that lie in mind but when I saw some jokes in WhatsApp, I decided to tell a lie to my husband without giving a thought to it.

“While we were having breakfast I told him that I wanted to confess something which I have been hiding for the past four years since we have been married.

“He then gave me the chance to speak and I told him that Tadi is not your son but is my ex lover’s.

“When I told him, he went out without saying anything, I thought he was going to come back soon.

“He spent the whole day away and he didn’t pick up my calls and that’s when I realised that he was affected by the story,” said Eliza.

Lenox Mazo, Eliza’s husband, didn’t return home as he went to his parents’ place to tell them the issue and his parents called Eliza so that they can talk over the issue.

“When I got a call from my mother in-law that’s when I realised how big the issue was, but I wasn’t scared because I thought of the DNA as my defence,” said Eliza.

Lenox’s parents told Eliza that the couple must divorce and Eliza must pay back all the money that was used by Lenox to take care of Tadiwa.

However, one of Lenox’s sisters, Virginia Mazo was informed by Eliza when she told Lenox that lie so she saved her.

“I was aware of this lie, Eliza informed me via WhatsApp after she noticed Lenox’s reaction so I was just quiet waiting for a time like this, and these chats proved Eliza’s innocence,” said Virginia.

The chats produced by Virginia proved Eliza’s innocence and the two reunited but Lenox insisted for a DNA test just to be sure.



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