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Apostolic sects defy church ban

Apostolic sects defy church ban
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Apostolic sects defy church ban

A number of apostolic churches on Sunday defied the Covid-19 gatherings ban with some claiming that they follow spiritual orders.

One of Johanne Masowe yeNyenyedzi Nomwe leaders only identified as Madzibaba Reginald told H-Metro that they follow spiritual orders more than human leaders since humans depend on spiritual guidance.

Madzibaba Reginald who leads a sect worshipping near Graneville Cemetery went on to claim that Covid-19 pandemic does not affect his followers and are yet to go for vaccination.

“We were yet to receive the message about the ban for churches to conduct services but we respect and follow spiritual orders more since human leaders also seek spiritual guidance,” said Madzibaba Reginald.

“Isisu tinotevera inzwi zvekuti chero zvema facemasks hatishandise nekuti mweya anoti asvika pano haabatwe nechirwere ichi.

“Although we do not defy government orders as a church we follow spiritual orders and concerning vaccination none of us here has been vaccinated.

“Since we were unaware about these Covid-19 restrictive measures, we usually give announcements to our followers after the service and we will inform them about this,” said Madzibaba Reginald.

Another shrine led by Madzibaba Sydney in Stoneridge conducted their church service and the sect spokesperson only identified as Madzibaba Victor told H-Metro that their followers do not read newspapers or listen to the radio.

“We were not aware of the ban to gather since most of our followers including myself do not read newspapers or have time to tune in to radio,” said Madzibaba Victor.

“Our leader Madzibaba Sydney is in Zvishavane right now and is not aware of this gathering but I was shocked by the attendance today maybe some received the message of the banning of church gatherings,” said Madzibaba Victor.

Another shrine along Willowvale Road led by one Madzibaba Jeremiah was gathered while conducting prayers during lockdown.

“We had gathered to inform our followers about the government orders and they complied,” said Madzibaba Jeremiah.

“These few people are here to receive prayers and leave the shrine,” he said.

One of the Johanne Masowe yeChishanu leader Madzibaba Moses urged some of his fellow leaders to comply with government directives to save lives from the pandemic.

“Our government has put these measures to save lives from Covid-19 that has taken lives across the globe so there is need to comply with the restrictive measures set,” said Madzibaba Moses.

“Those who are defying the measures must face disciplinary measures since the measures have been put to save people’s health.

“I complied with the measures set and we will gather when government says it is safe,” he said.

A number of mainline and Pentecostal churches complied with the order.

Government, in a revised national lockdown measures statement, banned all gatherings except funerals where less than 30 people are allowed to gather. Government also urged people to comply with other measures that include proper wearing of facemasks, maintaining social distance, regular hand washing and sanitising among others.

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