Apostle Chiwenga in fatal accident – wife, child and sister-in-law feared dead


Apostle Chiwenga in a fatal accident – wife, child and sister-in-law feared dead

Controversial pastor and fearless Government critic, Pastor Talent Chiwenga has been involved in a fatal accident and it is feared that his wife, child and sister-in-law have perished in the tragedy.

The Masvingo Mirror has confirmed that Chiwenga is admitted at Makurira Memorial Clinic, a private hospital in Masvingo.

The accident, according to reliable sources happened near Chatsworth turnoff some 50km from Masvingo along Masvingo Harare Road at 6am in the morning.

Efforts to get a comment from Masvingo Police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Charity Mazula were futile.

It is understood that Chiwenga was travelling in a Toyota Hilux on his way from a church trip in South Africa. He overturned after losing control of the vehicle and some sources said a kombi without number plates overtook him and slowed down in front of his vehicle.

Chiwenga is popular for his hard-hitting preaching where he criticizes Government for its corruption and brutality.

Chiwenga also says that he is related to the county’s Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

Talent Chiwenga who is a cousin to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga early this month sought an audience with President Emmerson Mnangagwa claiming that he is being followed by alleged State security agents.

Last year, his cousin, the VP warned him against attacking the national leadership using God’s name vowing this was coming to an end. In the letter written on May 27, 2019, Chiwenga said:

Sir, I am being followed by unregistered vehicles believed to be from the Central Intelligence Organisation or from the Military Intelligence Department of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, I am receiving death threats almost on a daily basis and this is because I preach the true gospel of Christ that condemns sin and calls all men to repentance, for God is not a respecter of persons.

“It is my honest and humble opinion, Sir, that the people who are giving orders to military personnel or State security agents to kill me are your employees or your subordinates. I don’t see myself as security or political threat to anyone in this country, because I am a preacher of the gospel whose tools are the Bible and the microphone.”

“I am therefore asking to see you so that I may among other things surrender myself to you and your administration so that if I do not get an opportunity to answer to issues I am being stalked and threatened for, at least I will save the government’s taxpayers’ money which is being used to stalk me and harass me, if I have to die for the gospel I preach (which I am ready to die for), at least I will avail myself in person.” Masvingo Mirror/ Agencies



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