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Anti Corruption Unit Investigating An Alleged Tender Scam At Harare City Council

President Mnangagwa’s Special Anti Corruption Unit (SACU) is reportedly investigating a tender deal that was going to be awarded to 4 Chinese companies by The City Of Harare without going to tender before they were withdrawn.

The alleged anomaly was reportedly ratified by the council’s finance committee and SACU and ZRP are now investigating the violation of public procurement procedures. Town clerk Hosea Chisango was reportedly a part of the officials that allegedly allocated the $868 Million contracts to Sino Hydro, China Gezhouba Group Company (CGGC), China Geo-Engineering Company (CGEC), and China Machinery and Engineering Company (CEMC), while reportedly violating the council’s tender rules.

This was revealed by Former council chairperson for the Environmental Management Committee Kudzai Kadzombe who told the publication that:

We found out that these companies would actually not have the requisite resources but would use the memoranda of agreements with us to apply to the Chinese government for funding.

The tenders were meant to rehabilitate Harare’s biggest water plant Morton Jaffray, Prince Edward water treatment plant and Crowborough and Firle sewer work.

SACU leader Tabani Vusa Mpofu confirmed the investigation and said:

There is such an investigation into the water issues and many others, but I cannot comment further.

Yesterday SACU reportedly stormed a full council meeting and detained councillors and journalists in attendance.

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