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Anti-Corruption Hawks Arrest Chitungwiza Land Baron

Anti-Corruption Hawks Arrest Chitungwiza Land Baron

The Anti-Corruption Hawks on Tuesday arrested Dr Fredrick Mabamba, Chitungwiza land baron of United Westand Housing Cooperative.

Mabamba was arrested on allegations related to illegally allocating residential stands all over Chitungwiza.

Police sources told The Herald that Mabamba was apprehended at his town centre offices following a witch-hunting visit by a high-powered government delegation that toured Chitungwiza and Budiriro 5B last weekend.

Last year, Mabamba caused a stir after trying to block Chitungwiza Municipality from constructing its Civic Centre on State land, claiming the land belonged to him.

This is happening when many families have been affected by ongoing demolitions of structures built on illegally acquired land while some have lost property after the recent rains caused rainwater to flood their houses.

The eventualities triggered blame shifting with the ruling ZANU PF blaming MDC-dominated urban councils for razing down structures, with the opposition party blaming the ruling party for the same.

Meanwhile, President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently warned that going forward, the issue of illegal allocation of residential stands will be severely dealt with.

The issue has been a perennial one with land barons year-in, year-out, duping unsuspecting and desperate home seekers.

In some instances, the central government and local government authorities would regularize the illegal structures and some believe that approach has been fueling illegal allocation of land.