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Another Zupco bus involved in an accident

Barely a week after a disastrous Zupco bus accident took place in Rugare carrying Harare Hospital nurses another Zupco bus has been involved in another accident again.

It’s so shocking and worrisome the rate these Zupco buses are getting involved in accidents. The buses are being driven recklessly or the drivers are not qualified fully for their jobs.

At the height of escalating private commuter omnibus fares, Zupco integrated old conventional buses to operate as urban public transporters. And it seems this move has become a nightmare for passengers as lives are being lost every day.

The Passenger Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) has condemned the state of most conventional buses operating under the Zupco franchise, describing them as unroadworthy and death traps to the commuting public.

PAZ has blamed the ageing Zupco fleet and poor maintenance for the majority of accidents recorded in most cities across the country. PAZ president Tafadzwa Goliati said the majority of Zupco buses were not fit for public transportation, posing a serious danger to passengers.

Source | MbareTimes