A Zimbabwean nurse has been jailed in the UK after he groomed and had a se_xual relationship with a teenager in his care.


Givemore Gezi (40), a senior mental health nurse was jailed for seven years and eight months. The teen had a history of mental illness and Gezi began a se_xual relationship with her when she was 15. He told the girl he was 28, when in fact he was 39 at the time and married with two children.

The girl said Gezi had made her believe that he loved her and cared for her. “[He] cut me off, so I was completely isolated and only had him to turn to. I still love him, but I think I love the version of him that he spun for me,” she said.

BBC reports that when she became pregnant, he persuaded her to have an abortion, Exeter Crown Court heard. Their relationship only came to light when Gezi’s wife became suspicious, found the girl’s number on his phone and confronted her. The girl, who was in foster care, tried to kill herself after arriving at school in tears, the court heard.

Judge Timothy Rose told Gezi, from Devon, that he had committed “an exceptional breach of trust”.

“Your actions were calculated, grossly manipulative and deceitful. You lied about your intentions and motivation.”

The judge said the girl had shown “huge courage in her willingness to give evidence”. Gezi was ordered to remain on the s’ex offenders register for life.

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