Another night for Mbeu


Another night for Mbeu.

Mbeu — born Ashton Nyahora — is a promising star who has shaken foreign stages, especially in South Africa where he regularly performs. Fast-rising musician, Mbeu, will tomorrow night perform at Bar Rouge where he shares the stage with upcoming singer Sarchie and Band.

Mbeu ZIMETROLocally, Bar Rouge has become his home ground. He has performed at the place several times and he is now used to thrilling patrons at the place. His manager Eugine Museredza said their fan base is growing at a good pace and Mbeu is getting rave reviews wherever he performs.

“We are encouraged by the response we are getting. It shows that people have faith in us. They have encouraged us to work harder. The growth of the brand has also opened avenues for us outside the country and we are getting invitations to various festivals and concerts,” said Museredza.

“Our recent visit to South Africa was great and we are having a serious response across the Limpopo River. It is always good to be back home and performing at Bar Rouge makes it even better. It is a place for upmarket fans and I know we will have a good time once again.”

Bar Rouge manager Life Chakubamba said they always cherish Mbeu’s shows and that is why they ensure he gets regular slots at the joint.“Our patrons have fallen in love with Alexio. The venue is usually packed when he comes for performances. He is also a hard worker and he never disappoints. We will have more slots for him to keep the vibe.”


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