Home LOCAL NEWS Another Man Impregnates a 14-year-old

Another Man Impregnates a 14-year-old

Another Man Impregnates a 14-year-old

Another Man Impregnates a 14-year-old

A GLAUDINA man is reportedly hiding his 14-year-old pregnant girlfriend as he fears the girl’s mother might report him to the police.

The girl is reported to be four months pregnant and has dropped out of school.

The culprit is 21-year-old, Tapiwa Muza. The girl’s mother, who is based in South Africa heard about her daughter’s pregnancy and threatened to take legal action against Muza who stays with his grandmother in Glaudina.

Muza told H-Metro that he is living in fear over the threats of arrest he received and was at a safe house in Domboshava.

The girl’s mother told H-Metro that she approached Dzivaresekwa police station for assistance with the intention to take her daughter from Muza.

“I was communicating well with my daughter while I was in South Africa after she told me that she was impregnated by Muza,” said the mother.

“It affected me so much considering that I separated with her father and I only have two daughters.

“I did not want to be tough on her over the phone but I asked her to link me with Muza’s grandmother and I promised to visit them upon arriving in Harare.

“Muza forced my daughter to switch off her mobile phone and she was instructed to go to Chitungwiza where she collected her belongings and disappeared after they learnt that I was in the country.

“That forced me to seek guidance from police at Dzivaresekwa and the officers led me to Glaudina where Muza and my daughter were reported to be hiding.

“I cannot allow my daughter to marry at that age and I am prepared to take her,” she said.

Muza’s uncle Elisha Marumahoko said the girl’s mother instructed them to keep the girl away from Muza until she arrived in the country.

“The girl was here for the past months and her mother asked us to keep her away from Muza until she came,” said Marumahoko.

“The girl had been talking with her mother over the phone and when the mother arrived in the country she is the one who instructed the girl to come to Chitungwiza where she collected her belongings.

“I was shocked to see her coming in the company of police officers demanding to see the girl and Muza.

“Muza is in Domboshava and the whereabouts of the girl are not known since the day she went to her mother in Chitungwiza.

“We are aware that Muza impregnated a minor and it’s a crime but the girl’s mother failed to be honest,” said Marumahoko. Muza said he was in fear.

“Wangu hapaimirika ipapo wanzwa yekusungiswa asi mhosva yangu ndinobvuma zvangu nekuti mwana mudiki,” said Muza.

“As we speak I am at a certain house in Domboshava and living in fear because my mother-in-law wants to take the matter to police.

“I am prepared to marry the girl.

“I never forced her to switch off the phone but the place where we are staying has no electricity that is why her mobile phone is not reachable.

“I am not abusing her as alleged but I fear arrest over impregnating a minor,” he said.

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