Another Expose: GIRL (14) FORCED TO MARRY in Rusape

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Keith T Mambo
Keith T Mambo
Keith T. Mambo is currently a reporter for ZiMetro News . He focuses on identity politics for The Southern Eye. He was previously a fellow at the UCT University of Cape Town for Political Science.

Another Expose: GIRL (14) FORCED TO MARRY in Rusape

A 14-YEAR-old girl from Rusape has been forced into marriage in Hondoma village in Rusape.

The girl’s grandparents, irked by her three-day disappearance after running off with a 20-year-old boyfriend, forced her to be with the boy as his wife.

The girl was forced to pack her belongings and led to her lover Tapiwa Chitsumba’s home.

Tapiwa’s mother Spiwe Kubocha is reported to be abusing the girl.

The girl’s parents Olinda Makashu and Maxwell Muzembe separated before acquiring her birth certificate and she was left under the custody of the grandparents (Muzembe’s parents) since she was only eight months old.

The girl told H-Metro that she has been crying since the forced marriage as her supposed in-laws are ever ill-treating her since she eloped.

“I barely sleep at night because of what I am going through at the hands of my so called mother-in-law,” said the girl in tears.

“I was forced into this marriage this month but I was not pregnant.

“Life has become tough for my grandmother and grandfather.

“My parents separated and my mother is based in Mutare and they never supported me and never acquired a birth certificate for me to this day.

“After being forced into this marriage, my mother-in-law is ever insulting me.

“Hanzi takaingwa nemhepo pano asi ndinovimba kuti neminamto ichapfuura zvayo.

“Iyezvino ndirikunzwa mudumbu zvekuti ndinovimba kuti ndave nemimba asi murume wacho anouya apo neapo handisi kubvumirwa kugara naye asi anoshandira pedyo nepamba.

The victim’s grandmother only identified as Gogo Rebecca confirmed forcing her into marriage arguing that Tapiwa had taken her virginity.

“Villagers are spreading falsehoods that the girl forced into marriage due to poverty,” said Gogo Rebecca.

“She returned home after three days saying she was at Tapiwa’s house and I could not allow her in my house when her virginity had been taken.

“Her mother left this girl while she was eight months old and I am the one who has been looking after her and she is yet to acquire a birth certificate,” said Gogo Rebecca.

The mother-in-law Kubocha and her husband John Chitsumba of Africa Apostolic (Mwazha) Church confirmed their animosity towards the girl saying four women brought her despite their plea to pay the damages while she remains at her grandmother’s house.

“To be honest I am not happy at all with this because she was forced to stay with my son

because they know that he is gainfully employed,” said Kubocha.

“Yes my son damaged the girl; we accept responsibility and we were prepared to pay the damages while the girl remains under her guardian’s custody.

“Kuita muroora mwana mudoko akadai here pamusha hazvivaraidze,” she said in anger.

The father-in-law Chitsumba had no kind words for the victim describing her as too loose to be his daughter in-law.

“Yes my son made a mistake by taking this girl for three days but her behaviour in the village is bad but there is nothing we can do.

“The girl was forced to pack her belongings and brought here by four women and we were left with no choice other than accepting this young girl.

“We are going to pay lobola according to custom,” said Chitsumba.

Tapiwa told H-Metro that he had since approached his employer to allow him stay with his wife as she is always in tears.

“I have accepted to take my wife and she informed me about what she is going through under my parents,” said Tapiwa.

“I informed my employer about this development and if all goes well upon my employer’s return from South Africa I would be staying with my wife,” said Tapiwa.

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