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Another Civil Servants’ Salary Increment Soon


Another Civil Servants’ Salary Increment Soon

All public sector workers will receive a 45 per cent salary increment next month, raising this year’s cumulative pay adjustments to 70 per cent.

In April, the government raised civil servants’ salaries by 25 per cent and undertook to effect another salary bump by midyear.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Professor Paul Mavima told State media that the 45 per cent increment will be effected while negotiations with workers’ representatives continue. Mavima said:

Negotiations are going on but there are still differences with the representatives of civil servants.

We are still committed to effecting the 45 per cent adjustment that we promised next month as we had planned earlier. We are also discussing within the Government.

Permanent secretaries from the Ministries of Education and Finance and my Ministry are in discussions to come up with a common position that we will present to the unions soon.

Civil servants are pushing for at least US$540 per month for the lowest paid worker or its equivalent in RTGS dollars but the government has refused to give in to their demands.

The 45 per cent raise will not placate the restive public sector workers as prices of basic goods and services have gone up in the past month after the government gazetted new forex rules that were not well-received by business.

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