Home Celebs Another BANGER – Tamy Moyo Collaborates With Jah Prayzah

Another BANGER – Tamy Moyo Collaborates With Jah Prayzah

Another BANGER on the Way - Tamy Moyo Collaborates With Jah Prayzah

Songbird Tamy Moyo might be a household name, but she could not wait to record a collabo with Jah Prayzah.

Yesterday, the reigning NAMA Outstanding Female Musician dropped a single titled Kuteera alongside the 3rd Generation boss.

In an interview, the Ndibereke singer said she was excited to have worked with Jah Prayzah on this single.

“I am excited to have worked with Jah Prayzah. It is always a new challenge working with different artistes, but I am happy that we worked well, he has great energy,” she said.

Asked what inspired her to work with Jah Prayzah, Tamy said: “For starters, I felt I wanted to collaborate more and work with other artistes whose craft I also appreciate.

“There was also the need to experience diversity and bring different worlds and sounds together. “But above all else, many people expressed that it would have been their wish to see us on a project together and I was quite open to the idea.”

Tamy told H-Metro that the single Kuteera is all about the power of love. “The song speaks on the power of love and how one would do anything to be with the one they love.

“It also speaks on undeniable and unbreakable bonds we create in this journey of life, some standing the test of time and some just a stepping stone in our paths.

“Whatever the case, it speaks on the force that love is, the world over,” said Tamy. Asked if she was planning to work with Jah Prayzah in future, Tamy added: “I know we will constantly cross paths but if the opportunity presents itself, it would be great.

“If not, there are so many ways to work together in our industry without necessarily making music alone.”

Tamy hinted that she is working on new stuff she is hoping to release in due course.

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