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Another “Apolojersey” For Former Zanu Pf Heavyweight Kudzanai Chipanga


Former Zanu PF Youth League chairperson Kudzanai Chipanga has been ordered to vacate, with immediate effect, a farm he was allocated in Manicaland Province.

Following a meeting of the ZANU PF politburo in Harare on Wednesday, the party’s acting spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa said Chipanga was illegally allocated the farm which is set to be occupied by the Manicaland State University by the vanquished G40 faction.

Chinamasa further told reporters that the politburo also threw out an application from Chipanga to rejoin the ruling party.

Said Chinamasa:

As you are aware he was expelled from the party in November 2017 for his activities and alignment with the G40 elements who did much damage to the party causing mayhem and disunity in the party.

He applied to be readmitted first in 2018 and then again in January this year. After taking into account the pivotal role that Kudzai Chipanga played in driving the G40 agenda, carrying out the activities and the gravity of the offences that he committed, the Politburo has seen it fit to turn down his application to join the party.